Single hospitals and large health systems are challenged to serve clinically and socio-economically diverse patient populations. With innumerable population-specific digital health solutions on the market, Play-it Health provides a single, comprehensive platform to support virtually all patient populations. We simplify technology administration, reduce operational costs, and enable a consistent patient experience to improve adherence.

Care Management Teams

Care management teams are challenged to serve growing chronic and post-acute patient populations. With limited staffing and insight for the time between office visits, these teams have trouble serving larger populations and driving behavior change. Play-it Health solves these issues, making it easier for these teams to scale and deliver more effective and cost efficient care.

Specialty Pharmacies

Medication adherence, patient education, and communication are critical to the success of specialty pharmacies. Forward thinking specialty pharmacies recognize the incremental impact of evidence-based nutrition and dietary plans on patient outcomes. Play-it Health delivers all of these capabilities out-of-the-box, reducing the need for the pharmacy to invest in less effective and much more costly ancillary services.