Medication can't work if it's not taken and establishing healthy habits is hard. Play-it Health provides reminders, tracking and even helps providers understand why their patients miss doses.

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Clinician/patient encounters are the cornerstone of quality healthcare and good patient outcomes. Yet, they're frequently missed. As part of a comprehensive regimen of care, Play-it Health helps patients remember their appointments.



Much happens with a patient's health between office visits. Play-it Health makes it secure and easy for providers to send messages of encouragement and for patients to ask questions about symptoms or care.


Linked Devices

Blood pressure, weight, heart rate and many other vitals are ideally maintained within recommended parameters. Via connected digital devices or patient input, Play-it Health tracks whether patients are tracking these vital parameters as prescribed.


Dietary Plans

Nutrition and dietary plans play a critical role in outcome achievement. Play-it Health makes it easy for patients to follow the evidence-based nutritional and dietary guidelines prescribed by their providers.



Helping patients better understand the specifics of their condition has been demonstrated to improve patient adherence. Play-it Health makes critical information  available on patient's phones and provides reward-coupled quizzes to enable deeper learning.


Rewards Program

Changing behavior is a significant challenge. A system of rewards can help fuel the effort stimulate a positive cycle of change. That's why Play-it Health has integrated a rewards program that provides patients with meaningful rewards to help recognize achievement and create additional motivation.

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