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Engagement. Adherence.

Remote Patient Monitoring.

Clinicians and patients partner better with Play-it Health.

There are many patient populations that need support, not just A handful. That's why we designed Play-it Health, to support virtually everyone you serve.

 you can provide all your patients with a consistent Engagement experience.

Better Clinical Outcomes

There are many factors that drive better outcomes;  medications,  appointments, monitoring of key vitals, and patient education all play a role. Play-it Health was designed to improve adherence to all of these elements and help create better outcomes.

New Revenue

With the unbundling of remote patient monitoring (RPM) and telehealth in CPT 99091, the  promise of RPM takes a giant step forward for provider organizations and their patients. Play-it Health makes RPM, CCM and TCM easy to implement and reimbursable.

Lower Cost Care Management

Patient engagement and monitoring is financially and clinically inefficient when care management teams rely on telephone-based outreach. Play-it Health helps provider organizations reduce operational costs, while scaling the size of the populations they serve.  

This app enables patient self-reliance, while allowing us to track adherence and overcome impediments to better outcomes.
— Virginia J Savin, MD, VA Medical Center